Jim Papke, President, Fiesta Acres

This letter is written on behalf of Calmes & Rohm Construction LLC and the quality staff of professionals that comprise this organization. It is important to note that often there is a real negative stigma that “Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Customer” have regarding trades people in general. This negativity floods the airwaves, TV home improvement shows and local newspapers, causing a great deal of apprehension when it comes to hiring a truly competent contractor. My experiences with Calmes & Rohm have been nothing but rewarding and pleasant!

My wife and I moved into the Appleton area in November, 2011 and due to purchasing a 20-year old condo, we had a number of inside construction / remodel projects that needed to be accomplished. We inquired around to find a qualified contractor that could accomplish them in a rather limited time frame at a fair price. Calmes and Rohm Construction were recommended to us by a soft water equipment installer. He had previously used them to build a garage and was very pleased with the results.

Based on this recommendation, our first experience with Calmes & Rohm was to insulate and install sheet rock in our large garage. At first I was nervous, anticipating the worst. What a pleasant experience this turned out to be. They quoted the job as the lowest of three (3) bids, the time frame was met, and the workmanship was excellent! I was extremely pleased with the quality work and the general attitude of their entire crew. They cleaned up after themselves, and checked often with me as to whether there was anything else I needed to insure a great result. It was great! I decided after completing this positive project, I would use them as often as needed.

Two additional personal projects requiring “finish work” were completed over the course of the next year and the results were, again, outstanding. Each job was completed with quality first and foremost, on time, and with friendly and expert individuals. I could not have been more pleased! As president of our Condo Homeowners Association, there was a need to have new roofs installed on two (2) buildings of three (3) units each. Again, the project was put out for bid and again their bid came in lowest. Because of my previous experiences with Calmes & Rohm, I presented their quote, along with my personal recommendations, to the condo owners and we agreed to award the job to them. Most of the owners had seen the workmanship I experienced with the personal projects completed in my unit. The condo roofing job was a major expense for all of us, and I was comfortable that it would be done with expertise and a pleasant local crew who would respect the owners’ privacy, personal property, and any concerns regarding bad language and / or loud music. The crew received high marks from all owners and to this day praise their workmanship, overall cooperation, friendliness and daily grounds clean-up. Brian Calmes and Ryan Rohm hire highly qualified individuals on their crew reflecting the integrity and honesty of the company. If I was going to build a new home, they would be my only choice!

Jim Papke
President, Fiesta Acres
Homeowners Association – Phase D
Appleton, Wisconsin